Why Choose Target Testing

Target Testing is not alone in providing specialist testing services to customers so why should you choose us?

  • We specialise in Software Testing so you don't have too.
  • We are a cost effective solution to what can be an expensive undertaking.
  • We are adept at talking to users, managers and developers alike; we have a knack of making ourselves understood and making seemingly complex systems less so.
  • We are passionate about testing and actively spend time researching the latest techniques and also developing our own.
  • Our staff are well trained and understand how software is built and how to test it in an efficient way.
  • We are committed to providing a high-level of service and are working towards achieving ISO 9001:2000 certification by the end of 2007
  • We value long term relationships with our customers and seek to add value to their projects beyond our capacity as a testing service

Our Experience

We have experience testing in the following application types

  • Websites and web-based applications such as portals
  • Workflow systems
  • CRM
  • Scientific applications
  • Large scale sales and distribution systems
  • Banking application including on-line banking and loan and mortgage systems
  • Local government applications

We have experience in the following aspects of software testing

  • Functional testing
  • Performance testing
  • Application Security Testing
  • Test automation
  • Web accessibility testing
  • Localisation

Got a project in mind? Contact Target Testing to find out how we can help