Website Testing

Your web-site may look slick but is it accessible to the widest range of users? Are your visitors put off because they cannot view your website on their chosen browser or are they simply put off because of broken links and JavaScript errors?

Working from our dedicated test facilities our experienced staff will assess these technical aspects of your web-site and highlight any issues they find and where applicable suggest remedial action. The assessment is both comprehensive and informative and results in a detailed report written in plain English.

Service Highlights

  • We check each page within your web site/application and validate against web standards for HTML and CSS.
  • Run automated and manual checks for WAI compliance and recommend the current level of compliance; if appropriate we will provide details in plain English on how to achieve the next level of compliance.
  • Perform functionality tests on your web-site and provide details of any issues we find.
  • Identify any issues with the content such as spelling and grammar mistakes.
  • Check for broken and incorrect links.
  • Check each page within your web site/application against a number of popular browsers and operating systems.
  • A comprehensive report written in plain English detailing our findings. If required a formal presentation can be prepared and delivered.
  • A free re-assessment if remedial work is undertaken as a result of our first assessment.

Service Benefits

  • This service provides a comprehensive assessment, written in plain English, of your web site or application that identifies the issues found and how these can be rectified.
  • The report is backed up by support from the lead analyst who is on hand to help you understand the implications of the report. The analyst is also available to prepare and deliver a formal presentation of the findings if required.

Want to know more?

For further information about this service please contact us

More information about the WAI can be found at the WAI website

More information about HTML and CSS standards can be found at the W3C website