Performance Testing

Need to know how many concurrent users your application can support?

Not sure if your application can handle peak-level demands?

Need to know how well your application can deal with a Denial of Service Attack?

Do you need to make sure your application can keep going for extended periods of time?

Performance testing can be used to answer these and other important questions but for most organisations, conducting a performance test is a daunting task. For many organisations a key barrier to conducting performance testing is the cost of the load and performance testing tools themselves.

Target Testing provides a Performance Testing service that can be tailored to meet your needs. We provide test analysts who understand how to design and implement an effective performance test. If you already have performance test tools, we'll use those tools; alternatively we can use our own tools.

Service Highlights

  • Our experienced test analysts will analyse your requirements and provide a performance test strategy to meet your needs.
  • Experienced performance testers will conduct the performance tests.
  • We will produce a detailed report, in plain English, showing our findings.

Service Benefits

  • No need to purchase your own performance testing tools unless you want to.
  • We analyse the data from the test and produce a report that is easy to understand.
  • Testing can be carried out on a fixed price basis.

Want to know more?

If you want to know more about this service or just need some free advice on Performance Testing, we encourage you to contact us.