How can a Managed Testing Solution work for me?

Here are some examples of how Managed Testing Solutions can work within an organisation.

Regular updates to core IT Systems

If your organisation relies upon core IT systems, changes such as upgrades and new versions can introduce risks such as:

  • No longer being able to complete tasks in the same way as before.
  • New faults introduced by the supplier.
  • The new version being incompatible with existing applications.

These can have a significant impact on a business; A Managed Testing Solution could be used to test each new release before it is installed in your production environment. The decision to upgrade the production system with the new version can then be made based on the quantative information rather than on the claims of the supplier.

Testing candidate releases

If your company builds software for others; testing each new version is a necessity. Failure to adequately test a version before its release can impact on your customers and have an adverse effect on your company's reputation.

Where there not a dedicated test team to carry out systematic and thorough testing, this responsibility usually falls to the developers. While this can work, it takes your developers away from what they do best and that is building code.

In the situations where there is no dedicated test team, a Managed Testing Solution could be set up to test each new candidate releases of your software so that the decision to release a version is based on quantative information rather than gut-feelings. The information obtained during the testing can also be used to manage the expectations of your customers by informing them of known issues with this release.

Specialist Testing

Some organisations only need assistance in specific areas of testing such as performance testing or application security testing. Often, these needs are fulfilled by using temporary resources supplied by recruitment agencies. This approach can work but can suffer from a lack of continuity over time with different people being sent each time. Sometimes the difference in skill levels and the availability of the skills required can cause undue delays.

Where there is an on-going need for specialist skills, a Managed Testing Solution can be used to ensure that qualified staff are available when you need them and through a detailed work history, they'll understand what is required and how you like to work.

These are just a few examples of how a Managed Testing Solution can work; if you want to find out more about how a Managed Testing Solution can work in your organisation we encourage you to contact us.